5 Ways Taylor Reese Necklaces Stand Out Among Competition

5 Ways Taylor Reese Necklaces Stand Out Among Competition

What makes Taylor Reese jewelry so different? Why should I purchase this necklace? We get this question a lot and we're glad you asked! Our hand-knotted candy crush necklaces + bracelets are some of our best sellers. Taylor has been using this technique on her genuine stone necklaces for over 10 years now. While similar style necklaces may be on the market, the TR candy crush continues to stand out when it comes to style, stones and strength. Below are five ways the Taylor Reese hand-knotted items stand out from the rest. 

1. Child Resistant: There are many reasons why your gemstone necklace should be knotted throughout. The first and simplest reason is for you and for your kids. Taylor is a mom and believes moms shouldn't have to choose between playing with their kids and being able to wear jewelry. She designs jewelry for everyone but ensures toddler durability for the style conscious mama. Our styles aren't 100% kid proof, but they are toddler tugged, tested and pulled before hitting the market to ensure your earrings, bracelet or necklace wont snap at the first sign of a pull or death grip from your little one. 

2. Pearl & Stone Security: Should your knotted necklace break at any time, you would only lose 1, maybe 2 stones at the most. A snapped necklace without knots could cost you the entire strand.

DID YOU KNOW?! Your TR knotted necklace comes with a lifetime guarantee. Should your hand-knotted necklace break at any time, for any reason, simply fill out a CONTACT US form to get the repair process started. We will repair it and ship it back to you free of charge. 

3. Fit: Fit is everything and when you want your piece to fit, lay and layer just right, make sure it's knotted! The variety of knots throughout the piece ensure that your necklace will work with the natural contours of your chest/ body and will ultimately bring out the full natural beauty of your the stones. 

4. Longer Durability: Over time, strung necklaces will develop gaps between the individual stones or beads. A secure knot between each bead keeps them in place. Even after long-term wear, your hand-knotted style will still look fabulous.

5. Stone Protection:  Purchasing a stone necklace is an investment. One, I think we can agree, that is something you want to protect and get the longest life from. By purchasing one of our candy crush hand knotted pieces, you ensure that your stones are protected from rubbing against each other, the utilities used in the necklace and maintain their natural shape. 

Bonus: Every TR necklace is finished with our signature pave clasp. While this isn't an official reason to choose TR we think it's a fab bonus. Every necklace is guaranteed to turn at some point during a day's wear. We designed all of our necklaces to be pretty and a little sparkly no matter where it lands.